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About Us

The quest for a skilled editor has come to an end. We’re excited to empower you to schedule more weddings without facing the backlog beast. Let’s keep your clients singing your praises!

We're dedicated to helping our clients take their wedding videos to new heights, ensuring each one is truly exceptional.

Our commitment ensures a collaborative journey of growth, blending our clients' professionalism with our expertise in post-production.

Emeric TurpinCEO/Director

Regain control of your life as your sales and bookings are increasing!

Running a wedding film business can quickly become overwhelming, particularly when you’re juggling couples, marketing, pre-production, production, and more. Editing tends to consume a significant chunk of time, leading to delays in deliveries, compromises in quality, and nervous couples anxiously awaiting their films. These delays not only impact the satisfaction of clients but can also damage the reputation of the company.

Share your footage, and our team of skilled video editors will craft highlights and documentaries tailored to your preferences. We’ll capture your unique style, infuse rich storytelling, carefully select music, and enhance the visuals with expert color grading.

We assure satisfaction through adeptly mastering your unique style and delivering seamless communication promptly.

What makes us different?

Exclusive Wedding Editors

We specialize solely in collaborating with wedding filmmakers and companies that provide professional services to their clients.

Our Team

Every video editor on the team has at least five years of experience editing wedding videos.

Based in Europe

Our main office is located in France and all our talented video editors are based in Europe.

Let's start editing your beautiful films now!

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